Bus and Truck Cluster Value Chain chairman Patrick Munyaradzi has invited bus operators to collaborate with the organization to boost local manufacturing industries.

The organisation is in support of Zimbabwe’s component manufacturing and industrialisation strategy.

In an interview with Review and Mail, Munyaradzi said transport operators should visit the organisation’s offices to engage in discussions about their specific requirements and potential financing options.

“Together, we possess the expertise and capability to produce buses and trucks tailored to the unique needs of transport operators,” said the chairman.

The organisation is a player in the manufacturing and assembly of various prime mover, refuse collection, passenger transport vehicles, and it aims to become a vital resource for transport, farmers and commercial operators across the region.

Munyaradzi said the organisation is working closely with renowned industry leaders such as Amalgamated Buses Industries, Deven Engineering, AVM Africa, Quest Motors, and Willovale Motor Industries.