Tinashe Mutarisi visits Saintfloew at his rehab centre in SA

Businessman and promoter Tinashe Mutarisi paid a visit to musician Saintfloew who is in South Africa for rehab.

Taking to Facebook, Mutarisi said he is filled with hope that Saintfloew will emerge victorious in this important journey.

He said:

🗳️Today, I had the privilege of visiting Saintfloewmusic, with Jamal NoLimits and though the situation may seem challenging I’m filled with hope and inspiration. Special mention to the oops guy Kelvin Jumo.

As he completes his first week at the rehabilitation center, he faces the most difficult phase of his journey. His physical and emotional strength is visibly diminished as he undergoes detoxification. However, amidst the pain, he has found a newfound hatred for the destructive choices that led him to this point.

Despite his concerns about losing his fan base during this time, I reassured him that his support has only grown. People are genuinely happy to see him taking this important step towards recovery.

Having gotten to know the true Saint, understanding his essence and what he represents, I am personally committed to standing by his side until he emerges victorious. I am grateful that you are here with me, witnessing how he instills hope in all the young individuals facing similar struggles.

No matter how dark the night may seem, remember that dawn is inevitable.

Tinashe Mutarisi