Uncle confesses after child goes missing in Hwedza

Local prophets have conducted rituals to find a missing child in Hwedza at the Mazivanhanga family homestead.

The prophets called the whole village to the rituals which were performed in broad daylight.

After calling the Mazivanhanga family members to the front, the prophets tried to identify the culprit.

Unfortunately, one of the prophet fell into a trance and had to be revived after he tried to touch the missing child’s uncle.

After the prophet came to, he asked the uncle to confess.

The uncle confessed that he had performed rituals with certain prophets where some family artefacts were thrown away when he became a Christian.

As part of the rituals, the uncle was told not to do certain things at the home, such as:

  1. There should be no lights in the home at night.
  2. There should be no tied up bunch of wood at the home.

The uncle revealed that he would go to traditional healers who would come and perform various rituals at the home.

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