Businesswoman Olinda Chapel has pledged to donate US$1000 for cancer treatment of Ben and Knowledge from Hurungwe.

This comes after Saint Tv offered to help the brothers raise USD2600 needed for both of them to get surgery.

Writing on social media, Olinda said: “Saint TV require $2000 usd for these gentleman to get surgery. I am donating $1000 usd myself. Mbinga dzangu please can you match my donation so the monies go before 10am UK time tomorrow.”

Ben and Knowledge are living with albinism. They lost their brother recently after he succumbed to cancer.

Saint Tv has managed to raise US$520 of the $2600 for the brothers to be operated.

To those willing to help with funds for medication and other expenses to contribute get in touch with Uncle Saint On +263 78 278 6610