Radio personality Tinopona Katsande has penned an emotional letter for her late father Nyamukoho.

Writing on Facebook, Katsande said her Father suffered from dementia for a long time.

Tinopona Katsande’s father died on 19 February 2021. He was one of Zimbabwe’s millionaire businessman.

She wrote:

By the the time Alex was born , my dad was in full dementia. He could no longer recall who was who , spoke little but smiled , sang his United Methodist Hymns, prayed ALOT at any given moment .
Animals and children became his best friends. Regardless how disoriented he was in the dementia, he ALWAYS insisted
” musachemedze mwana ” and
” haikona kushugurudza mhuka “.
I think in one day , baba would ask ( often calling us by names of people long gone and that we didn’t even know )
” vana vaja here?” Or “have you feed the pets ” What baffled me tho is that, we DIDNT HAVE ANY PETS , but we always reassured him every thing was” fine ” non the less.

Sekuru was COOL indeed 😎. He really was 😊

Rest easy baba. The journey Im travelling at the moment sure could have done with a bit of “cool” you , but alas – it is well. We keep moving forward 🙏 💜🥰

Tinopona Tinopona Tinopona!!!