Mai Titi slams Olinda Chapel and Tytan

The war of words between Mai Titi and Olinda is escalating as each day passes.

This morning, Olinda Chapel posted a list of 20 bullet points, insulting Mai TT. She mentioned how Mai TT struggles to stay in marriage, reffering to her marriage with Tinashe which lasted 92 days.

However, Mai TT did not take this lying down as she posted her own list addressing each and very point raised by Olinda.

Mai titi said, Olinda also marries men every year and she then dumps them and collect everything she bought for them. Of course she is referring to Stunner.

Mai Titi also dug into Tytan calling him a “husmaid” because he does all the work and also because she paid her own lobola.

Mai Titi also accuses Olinda of living a fake life and pretending to be a rich aunt and she also claimed that Olinda went forĀ  surgery so she could have a slender body like her.

The streets a blazing and below are the actual posts they sent attacking each other.