Stanely Gama says Munya Taderera is destroying Marvelous Nakamba’s career

Prominent journalist Stanely Gama  says Munyaradzi Taderera is destroying Marvelous Nakamba’s career.

Writing on Twitter, Gama said high level sources told him that Nakamba started failing when he recruited Munya as a manager.

“But coach Steven Gerrard is no longer trusting him to start. High level sources at Villa tell me that things started falling apart when he recruited a manager, one, Munya Taderera”, he said.

Nakamba met Munyaradzi who was a social worker then, at a stadium in England, became friends with him and then manager.

Gama said since the two met, Nakamba has failed to concentrate on his football career.

He also said that Nakamba needs to be rescued from Munyaradzi if his career is to flourish adding that It’s not too late.