Socialite and comedian Mai Tt has instructed her followers to unfollow her haters on all social media platforms.

Writing on Facebook, Mai Tt said her followers should not press follow or like content produced by the likes of Olinda Chapel, Joey Nyikadzino and many other socialites who criticise her.

She wrote:

I appreciate those who truly follow me and are now so attached to me and who I now see as my online family but i want to tell you something. To avoid the stress, bp the anger that you go through after seeing people creating stories just to get views press Unfollow.

That way you will be at peace. Let’s practice to listen but not follow,let’s practice not to bring what they said here . Let’s practice not to answer back. We been labelled violent yet they start the war in search of more viewers.

We never got million followers by insulting people.
This page s now being used to make people trend .
Enough is enough. Unfollow. Never add a number to their platforms, just watch and leave. Don’t press follow. This goes out to every true follower .
Cat family 4 life 👑 #Unfollow.