Shadowy online Zimbabwean newspaper, Kukurigo, has named Tinashe Murapata as the married man with whom CCC Vice President, Fadzayi Mahere is having an illicit affair.

The newspaper claims that Murapata’s wife has fled her matrimonial home  in February after the flamboyant Harare businessman started sleeping away from home.

Writing in a lengthy article, Kukurigo made the following claims:

Murapata ‘s wife left the matrimonial home with their two small children.

– Murapata’ s wife who discovered the affair after seeing a WhatsApp message from Mahere requesting money. Murapata is said to have explained the request as relating to Mahere’s political campaign but aroused further suspicion by immediately changing the PIN code on his device.

-Mahere would become an increasing feature in Murapata’s life, meeting regularly despite protestations from his wife as rumours of an affair swirled in Harare’s upper classes. The meetings turned weekly with treats at Veldemeers, the Arundel cafe famed for its Belgian confectioneries, until the businessman started spending nights away from home.

– The two are said to have travelled together in one vehicle to the funeral of CCC leader Nelson Chamisa’s mother in Masvingo and slept there under unclear arrangements.

Chamisa is reportedly aware of the relationship.

They were again pictured together at the funeral on 28 June in Njanja. Apparently having noticed the camera, Mahere maintains a straight face but Murapata appears to conceal himself in his hat.

Murapata’s wife had been threatened with legal action if she revealed the relationship.
“She is deathly afraid of Mahere and has refused to accept advice from friends to file a lawsuit despite the evidence she has gathered,” said the source.

Please read the full story in today’s Kukurigo Newsletter – 4  July 2022.