Harare based economist, Brian Sedze, has slammed Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, John Mangundya, saying his policies are probably not just incompetence, but deliberate sabotage.

Sedze said if President Mnangagwa loses the 2023 elections, Mangundya will be responsible.

Writing on Facebook, Sedze said:

Sedze said Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangundya is, deliberately sabotaging Mnangagwa

After comprehensive and concrete measures that our president threatened at women’s league conference the centre is no longer holding.

Here in Mrewa there is no bread, mealie meal and cooking oil in the shops but available in the streets.

Anyway I am here delivering one of the 3 products in the streets.

In Harare you need to carry both currencies.

Some things are exclusively US$ and, some ZW$.Soon some will be in gold coins only.

John owns a shop in Rusape which also marks products in US$ only.

John must just decide on one currency for one nation and one people.

Multi currency of US$, Gold Coins and ZW$ will not work simbru!

Buying gold coins  will be like investing in gold futures, a product which the RBZ abolished.

The RBZ subsequently closed the bank which started this purported saving idea (Tetrad Investment Bank) .

ED must know the measures by these guys are working so easily against him in a very big way.Or there is some formula to this incompetence!

Whichever way if ED ends up in Kwekwe in 2023 these twins will also be responsible because he now effectively has three opposition parties CCC , the economy and these two.