WATCH LIVE: Marvelous Nakamba linked to smear campaign on Kuda Mahachi

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the latest twist in the case in which Kuda Mahachi is being falsely accused of scalding his son, Diego Mahachi with boiling water in South Africa.

Aston Villa’s Marvelous Nakamba was a close friend of Kuda Mahachi before they fell out over a business deal gone bad.

Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that the mother of UK based Zimbabwean soccer player, Marvelous Nakamba, is involved in funding a smear campaign against the Supersport United player.

Accusations against Nakamba’s mother

  • Nakamba’s mother, Charity Ngwenya, has befriended Mahachi’s ex-wife, Marita Ndlovu. Charity became sympathetic to Marita after she convinced her that mahachi was neglecting her and notpaying child maintenance. She bought Marita a new phone, supported her financially and gave her money to start a business. However, Marita did not start a business.
  • The sources revealed that Charity has visited Marita on numerous occasions. On one of her visits at Mpilo Hospital, Charity took photos of the child, Diego Mahachi and gave them to journalists, including Ezra Tshisa Sibanda.
Charity Ngwenya took pictures of Diego at Mpilo hospital and handed them to the Media. She reportedly pleaded with Ezra Tshisa Sibanda to make sure Mahachi was exposed.

Friendship breakdown

According to Gambakwe Media sources, Nakamba has blocked Mahachi on all his phones. Nakamba and Mahachi were reportedly close friends, however the friendship fell over a business deal that went wrong and witchcraft allegations.

Nakamba’s failed printing business

Nakamba, who is based in the UK, is reported to have asked Mahachi to take care of his startup printing business in Johannesburg. However, the business failed and Nakamba accused Mahachi of embezzlement.

In 2021, Nakamba opened the state of the art printing business in Johannesburg and planned to open similar businesses in Bulawayo and Harare.

People close to Nakamba revealed that the shop was entrusted to con man, Alvin “Aluvah” Zhakata who ran it to the ground. However, Nakamba was furious and blamed Mahachi for the business failure.

Prominent soccer fan, Alvin Zhakata, was friends with both Nakamba and Mahachi and ran Nakamba’s state of the art printing business to the ground.

Witchcraft allegations by Marita

After her breakup with Mahachi, Marita told Charity that Mahachi was using powerful herbs to enhance his soccer career. This enraged Charity who believed that Mahachi’s so called satanic juju (strong African herbs) would affect Marvelous playing abilities.

The role of Ezra Tshisa Sibanda

Bulawayo journalist, Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, who broke the story of Diego’s admission to Mpilo Hospital, has taken the story personally and has started making decisions for Marita.

Some of the decisions made by Ezra include:
  • According to Gambakwe Media sources, Ezra allegedly instructed doctors at Mpilo Hospital not to allow Kuda Mahachi and his wife Rose into the ward to see Diego. When Mahachi arrived in Bulawayo, he attempted to move his child to Galen House, a private facility in the Bulawayo CBD, however, Ezra blocked the move after he spoke to the Galen House staff.
  • Ezra started raising funds for Diego’s treatment. This includes meetings with donors from Australia whom he instructed to deposit the money raised directly into his bank account. The donors questioned this arrangement and refused to send the money to Ezra.
  • Knowledgeable sources have revealed that Ezra has not made any attempt to speak to Kuda Mahachi and Rose, in spite of the fact that he knows they are in Bulawayo.

In conclusion

The case in which Kuda Mahachi is being accused of scalding his son Diego is strange and involves a number of key players that include former business partners, friends and an ex-wife that is out to get Mahachi.

Young Diego has been sucked into the strange case and is suffering alone as adults fight each other outside Mpilon Hospital.

Diego whose toes have been removed, had yet another surgery on Wednesday. kuda Mahachi was barred from being present at Mpilo hospital where Ezra has instructed nurses not to allow him in.

Marita has launched a wide ranging smear campaign against her ex-husband, Kuda Mahachi, which is threatening to suck in many people.

This is a developing story…