Hartzell High School headmaster S Kawadza in Mutare has announced that the school will close before term end due to lack of food to feed students.

In a letter penned to parents, the head said rapid depreciation of local currency has seen the Z$55,000 they paid as fees eroded to a point that the school is too broke to restock on food beyond June 22.

The School would have to close early however the term is set to end August 4.

Below is the full statement

Re levels of Food stocks

This letter is a follow-up of my message to you on 9 June 1022. in which I informed you of the low food stocks at the school especially perishables since the ZWL$55 000.00 has been eroded by inflation.

Given the current food stocks, I write to inform you that the school will not be able to feed the learners beyond Wednesday, 22 June 2022 If we cannot restock our food stocks I will not be able to keep the children at school, hence I will ask you to collect our learners from school.

We, as a school remain committed to have our learners continue with their studies as we prepare them for their mid-year exams which should sun on 11 July 2022.
Therefore together we should find a solution.
Sincerely yours 
Kawadza S.