Popular Nigerian mega star, Davido, performed at a show in spite of not being paid by the music promoter.

Writing in a Tweet that has gone viral, Davido revealed that he had to take three connecting flights to get to Italy because he couldn’t get a landing permit on time, only for the show promoter to not keep the end of his bargain.

According to him, he was waiting at the hotel for four hours for the promoter to pay the balance of the show fee, but has gotten nothing.

Davido decided to perform because he understands that so many of his fans parted with their last cash just to see him perform.

“We overwork our bodies, blood sweat and tears daily to keep up and deliver these shows for our fans… only for people to take our craft and hard work for granted.I fly private 90 per cent of the time but logistic issues we couldn’t get a landing permit on time, so I decided to take almost 3 connecting flights to get here…

“We get here and the promoter did not keep up to his own part of the agreement. He sold thousands of tickets but doesn’t want to pay me!

“Normally, it’s no balance no show… I’ve been ready at the hotel for the past 4 hours waiting for either cash or a wire… still nothing!!

“I know how many people used their last to see me! So because of this, I will do the show!!”