WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the latest developments in the case of Kuda Mahachi who is accused of scalding his son in South Africa with hot water.

Today we are looking at the latest developments in the case. Gambakwe will also publish the latest voice recording between Maritha and Kuda Mahachi.

Key Points for discussion.

1. Kuda Mahachi has traveled to Zimbabwe and was able to go and see Diego at Mpilo hospital.

2. Kuda Mahachi and Maritha were still living together up to the end of 2021 in Kempton Park, Mahachi basically had two wives. Maritha ‘s lawyers have made a demand for R50 000 monthly maintenance and R2. 5 million damages to Mahachi (Please see documentats at the bottom of this story).

3. Voice discussions between Maritha and Mahachi show that she still wanted to meet with him despite his new marriage to Diego.

4. A partemity test  carried out by NUST revealed that Maritha had a child with another man whole she was married to Mahachi.

5. The extent of the burns may have been exaggerated.


1. There is more to the issue than is being revealed by both parties.

2. More facts will be revealed now that Mahachi is in Zimbabwe.

3. Mahachi and his wife Rose may face arrest for human trafficking.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.