Hmetro reports that prophet Blessing Chiza has failed to visit Kuda Mahachi’s son Diego, saying he does not have time.

Prophet Chiza said he intends to visit the son and mother in hospital when time permits, but at the moment the church elders will do so.

He said what happened to the child is unfortunate and at this period what is important is the child’s health.

Prophet Chiza said: “Kuda Mahachi is one of my sons and I will never abandon him. He has been in touch and I told him that this is a spiritual attack. The church is praying for him, the mother (Maritha Ndlovu) and the child. The elders have taken it upon themselves to pray for Mahachi. The whole family is in our prayers.”

The prophet who has been in touch with Mahachi said the soccer star is not at fault.

“He says he is innocent and did not do what he is accused of. I cannot tell you everything we discussed, but what I can say is that this is a spiritual attack and only prayer can give us answers.”

Mahachi attempted to hide his four-year-old son’s horrific burns by instructing his relatives and the caretaker of his Cowdray Park suburb house, where the child was kept when he arrived from South Africa, not to take him to hospital but to give him home treatment.