Dj Fantan denies assaulting his wife

Dj Fantan has denied being arrested for assaulting his wife Gamuchirai following a misunderstanding yesterday.

This comes after H-metro reported that Dj Fantan was arrested and detained by police for beating his wife.

H-metro reported that National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the arrest after his wife, lodged a complaint with the police.

Addressing the issue, Fantan said: “H Metro “do your research and get your facts straight before throwing labels on people.False accusations are a serious matter in the deen. Wise up..”

He said the newspaper is seeking relevance through falsifying issues and defaming his character.

“FAMILY, FANS & FRIENDS INI NE MHURI YANGU TIRI SAFE… CHINGOTENGAI CHI PEPA CHAVO VAMBOITA MA SALES kkkk headline iyo ndeye munhu arikuda kutondipedza😂😂 Jah nuh sleep🙏🏼”