Decibel’s twins involved in a car accident

One son died while the other is in critical condition

Urban Grooves musician Daniel ‘Decibel’ Mazhandu’s twins were involved in a tragic car accident yesterday.

One of the twins died while the other twin sustained severe injuries and is currently in a critical condition.

The United ited Kingdom based musician announced the sad news on his social media pages however he did not reveal where the accident occurred.

He said:

It’s a sad day for me today. Car accident. My sons. My twins. One gone the other critical ina coma. I’m trying to stay uppy cah they were always cheeky nemastatement vana vangu but I can’t.

Love you Kuku. Till we meet again. I bet u laughing at my sorry a*** saying “Jahman ndadzvanya exit 😂.” Nooo! 😭😭😭. Simba stay strong pleeease.

Decibel also shared a music video of his twins performing.