Hopewell Chin’ono says Nelson Chamisa should not hold the Citizen Coalition for Change Congress.

This comes after a statement by professor Welshman Ncube alleging that CCC will go for an elective congress before 2023 was circulated on social media.

Ncube said the statement is fake as he never did an interview with Daily News.

“This is this week’s instalment of the FAKE media stories about me. I was NEVER interviewed by the Daily News nor did I say the NONSENSE attributed to me. I note though the sheer determination of the embedded agents with this PATH. They are afraid. Very afraid!

Hopewell said ZANUPF is desperate to infiltrate CCC through a congress.

He added that genuine CCC supporters should focus on 2023 not on ZANUPF motivated calls for a congress.

So why would a genuine CCC supporter demand a congress before 2023 unless they they are an undercover agent?

Why would you want internal fights when you are 15 months away from a general election unless you are an agent?