An unnamed man from prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church has revealed that he paid his bail using miracle money.

The man was giving a testimony at Enlightened Christian Gathering easter conference after he was arrested in the same prison with Bushiri.

Posting on Facebook, Bushiri said:

In 2020 this young man was detained in Kgosi Mampuru Prison. He acknowledges that his case was very complex in nature. Interestingly, the man tells that he was detained during the time when Major 1 was also detained at the same prison.

In utmost humility, he tells the masses that every single time the Prophet would be taken to court from the prison he would rush to him and kneel before him in an attempt to receive prayer.

During one particular time, he was fortunate enough to go to court at the same time as the Prophets. As they were at court 16, he says he was placed in the same queue as the Prophets. Prophetess Mary Bushiri was number 1 in the queue, followed by Major 1 and between him and Major 1 there was another person also standing in waiting to go face the judge. By faith, he pushed the number three individual and stood behind the Prophet and after nudging at him, Major 1 said to him, “All shall be well.”

When he went into court they gave him a bail amounting to a total of R2000.00. Unfortunately he didn’t have the money to pay up and so they placed him in a certain cage, waiting to be returned to the prison. The man says, miraculously, Major 1 passed by him. He quickly took his bank card and waved at Major 1 and as the Prophet gazed at him, he put two thumbs up and smiled at him.

He saw this as confirmation and urged the authorities to try and make payment once again. To the glory of God, the man received miracle money that very moment and was able to pay up his R2000.00 fine.

In December, his case was dismissed. Now he is married and leading a God-fearing life.