WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the call by influential CCC backer and funder , Freeman Chari, for nelson Chamisa to boycott the 2023 elections.

Basis for the Boycott

Chari argues that the 2023 elections are so manipluated by ZANU-PF that it makes no sense to contest the elecions.

CCC, President, Nelson Chamisa, later tweeted that his party can call for the disbandment of ZEC.


However, the candidate for Marondera, Caston, tweeted that the voter’s roll looks fine.

Current situation

It is clear that the current conditions regarding the voters’ roll and violence is not yet so serious as to threaten the credibility of the elections. However, various interests are at play:

  • Chamisa is convinced that he can get international intervention in Zimbabwe before and after the Zimbabwe elections if there is a a perception that there is violence and if there are problems with the voters’ roll.
  • Chamisa is not confident of victory in the 2023 elections.
  • ZANU-PF is becoming increasing uneasy with the growth of the CCC.
  • Both sides are therefore on edge and the situation is ready to explode.

Dangers of the 2023 elections

Gambakwe argues that given the factors surrounding the 2023 elections, there is a great likelihood that these will be theĀ  will be the most dangerous elections for Zimbabwe.

Specific risks surrounding the 2023 elections are:

  1. Violence between supporters of both parties
  2. Violence between the state and ordinary citizens
  3. Assassinations of candidates


The factors that have increased the risks surrounding the 2023 elections include:

  1. There is a shift in demographics, this poses a serious threat to the second layer that hopes to succeed President Mnangagwa, who is going into his last term. This increases the risks of a third force arising that will try to achieve its political objectives using unorthodox means.
  2. The opposition does not understand the path to State house under the current circumstances and is proceeding in a manner that can be seen as threatening to the existing leadership in ZANU-PF.
  3. There is no agreed framework for holding peaceful elections in Zimbabwe. The current environment is toxic and is ready to explode. On one side, President Mnangagwa has expressed that its easier for one to walk to China than to get to the Zimbabwe state house, while Chamisa has vowed that no one can stop him from entering State House.

Best way forward

  1. The ball is in Chamisa ‘s court. Instead of a boycott, Chamisa should immediately initiate a dialogue process. Chamisa needs to understand that President Mnangagwa is the least of his worries.
  2. There is a case for a pre-election pact going into the 2023, the possibility of things going wrong in the election are too big.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.