Popular Zimbabwean Radio DJ and businessman, Tich Mataz ( Tichaona Augustine Matambanadzo), has spoken for the first time about his deportation from South Africa.

Mataz denied ever buying a South African ID and said jealousy and envy was behind his unceremonious deportation from South Africa.

Key points from the discussion.

  1. Tich Mataz said he started off in 1988 carrying record crates for a DJ called Josh Makawa, who became a mentor for him for many years.

Speaking to YouTube Channel, Boyz Dze Tonaz, Tich Mataz said:

  1. Zimbabweans must institutionalize the entertainment industry, they should have investments, funeral cover etc.
  2. Zimbabwe has prepared many people for success. You know that we now have one of our own who is a Vice President at Google, we have Zimbabweans at NASSA, at the World Bank – Its our mindset. We are able to learn and adapt and assimilate. I have always been able to adapt. I started to travel at a very young age and I have always able to adapt.
  3. I had a friend of mine who was in Botswana. He took a recording of my show to a party in Botswana and there was the head of BOP Tv at the Party, Tapelo Tipe.
  4. Tapelo Tipe called me when I was LIVE on Air. They flew me to South Africa and the Bophuthatswana.
  5. At the time the big voices were Bob Mabhena, and Bob Mabhena had just left Radio Bop for Metro FM.
  6. At the end of 1991 Tich Mataz joined Radio Bop and was there for 2 years. At the end of 1993 that he moved to Radio 5 when Mandela was coming out.
  7. Mataz said he was a resident in the Bophuthatswana. Everyone who was a resident in Bophuthatswana, in 1994 they became citizens of South Africa.
  8. ‘The thing that people struggle with is to do things differently. I am able to learn quickly. I went to South Africa and learnt the language and I became part of South Africa.’
  9. One of the things I was able to understand was what the broadcasting station was selling and I provided that.
  10. Mataz bought a mansion in Northcliff and was running a popular nightclub in Rosebank.
  11. When you grow up you understand the perspective. I ruffled a lot of feathers. The thing I should have been able to appreciate was that I am in a foreign country.
  12. I was not able to read what was happening within my surroundings, so a lot of people were not happy. I could have done things differently. My son is son was born in South Africa, I lost more by leaving South Africa..
  13. I was a USD millionaire at 25, I was flying all over the place. At the time I went to Jamaica just to see where Bob Marley was born. I went to see Michael Jackson’s last show in Prague.
  14. If a guy is doing well and making money, why would I want to buy an illegal ID?
  15. Banks, ISPs, all stakeholders should play their part in institutionalize the entertainment industry.
  16. When I was in South Africa, I could have interacted differently with people that I thought were family and friends.
  17. My deportation was a very important lesson to me.
  18. All I can say is watch this space…
  19. I was the first guy to have a famous nightclub in Rosebank. I used to do some serious private parties with Miss South Africa, beautiful weekend. I used to live a jet setting life…
  20. When I went to the USA I met Shaquel O Neil. He was driving off-roaders. I then imported an off roader in South Africa. BMW took notice and they brought in their first X5. I was the first brand ambassador for Reebok South Africa…
  21. Mataz said when he left Zimbabwe his salary was R15 000 which was about USD5000. This was an improvement from his USD2000 in Zimbabwe. He had his company Khulumani communication and had government deals.
  22. At one time, Mataz had 25 brand new cars. He feels that was stupid.
  23. In his club, he had a He’s and Her’s money safe.
  24. Mataz said he had 3 personal houses in South Africa and up to 9 investment properties. I should have done my investments in Zimbabwe.
  25. As a nation we should talk about what it means to invest in Zimbabwe.
  26. There is enough for us here in Zimbabwe for us to create an economy that can feed into the neighboring countries.
  27. Zimbabwean problems should be handled and solved by Zimbabweans. Its not a mistake that I was born in Zimbabwe.
  28. Tich Mataz was given two weeks to wrap up his affairs and leave South Africa.
  29. After he was deported, Tich Mataz went to the South African Embassy in Harare and applied for a visitors visa.
  30. However, after I spoke to various people, they felt that it would not be prudent for me to turn the issue into a court case.
  31. There were a lot of threats to me and family. One really important man told me to let the situation to calm down.
  32. Most successful people do not work on the basis of emotion. What a man should so is that no matter what situation arises, be able to control your emotions. That is something that I have been able to do.
  33. Tich Mataz was deported again for a second time when he started working on a visitors visa.
  34. Mataz once started a church, Tich Mataz Ministries.
  35. On his arrest after he failed to deliver hampers that he was contracted to supply by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Tich Mataz said one of the things that young businessman must learn is that you must institutionalize.
  36. When you are doing business, do not use your personal brand. Because when people attack you they then attack the brand. I supplied the goods…
  37. February 2017, Mataz was arrested for smuggling. The gift can also be a curse. That was all addressed, it was an unfortunate misunderstanding…There was no way I could try to smuggle five suits.
  38. Tich Mataz is now doing Woza Weekend reloaded and Mvengemvenge reloaded on JIT TV.
  39. What we need to stop doing is that Broadcasting is still closed. We must open it up and allow people with platforms to work under an umbrella body.
  40. Broadcasting should be regulated to avoid fake news.
  41. We have international stars from Zimbabwe Danai Gurira, Danayi, Tinashe….Imagine if the story of Black Panther was done at Chinhoyi caves…Why dont we start telling people about the greatness of Munhumutapa, Lobengula..
  42. Lets make this an industry.

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