78 Year old Zimbabwean woman struck in the UK

Popular Zimbabwean journalist,  Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has appealed to Zimbabweans to help a78 year old elderly woman who is stuck in the UK, as she can not afford the air ticket back home.

Writing on Facebook,  Sibanda said:

Gogo MaNkiwane is a 78 year old widow based in UK. The old lady has no money to buy an airticket to return home to Zimbabwe. She has never been gainfully employed since arriving in UK in 2007. In Zimbabwe she lives in Lupane and wants to spend the rest of her life at her home.

What is so painful is gogo worked for a Zimbabwean family in Bedford for 3 yesrs looking after their 2 children. That family used to threaten gogo with arrest and detention because she has no legal status to live in UK forcing the old lady to continue working for them against her will. When she told them she was no longer feeling well and wanted to go back to Zim because she was too old, they refused to pay her salary for the last 6 months working there. Finally gogo managed to leave the Zimbabwean family and now temporarily staying with someone from home.

Nokuthula Ndebele did not pay MaNkiwane for 6 months

I contacted the family concerned but they vehemently denied knowing her. This is as good as modern day slavery and very cruel. The law will take its course. I kindly appeal to all good hearted brothers and sisters to help buy gogo an air ticket and also donate cash for her to start a new life in Zimbabwe. She doesn’t want to stay here anymore and let’s take the old lady back home. She needs a peace of mind. I will try to help her get travel documents but what we need is an air ticket and a bit of cash for her. We can do this good people. Let’s put a smile to Gogo Mankiwane.

Please watch the video below for more details:

Writing on V11 Facebook group, Ma Nkoeane said:

I am a 77 year old lady. I came here to my daughter and ended up being employed by Rebekah ( Nokuthula Ndebele) to help with her children in her house. Rebekah (Nokuthula Ndebele) did not pay me for 6 months even though she was working and still working. She lied and said she is doing club rounds with the money so that she gives me when it is a lot. I waited and when it was my turn to get the money she didn’t give me the money. I kept on pleading with her but she didn’t pay me. I fell ill and I had to leave to go and stay with my daughter.

I had used some people to ship my goods to Zim so that I can go to Zim but I was relying on the money she has she didn’t pay. The shipping agents want their money but I can’t afford to pay them.

Please help me and plead with Rebekah ( Nokuthula Ndebele) to pay my money I want to return to Zimbabwe as I am unwell. I was communicating with her but now she blocked me.

I tried to ask other people to talk to her but all this failed.