Pictures of Mboneni Ncube who died during the Chamisa rally in Kwekwe are widely circulating on social media.

The pictures of Mboneni are being circulated by public figures including Hopewell Chinono.

“This is Mboneni Ncube.


He was murdered yesterday by ZANUPF thugs at a CCC rally addressed by Nelson Chamisa.


It is tragic that President Mnangagwa would call for by-elections and then his party members would use violence to stop competitors from campaigning.


RIP Mboneniđź’”,” posted Chinono.

Ncube died over the weekend after violence erupted during the Citizens Coalition for Change rally in Kwekwe.

Thousands of activists had gathered in the central city of Kwekwe to listen to a speech by party leader Nelson Chamisa, the main opponent of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ZANU-PF party, in power since independence, according to an AFP photographer.


More than a dozen men, suspected of being ZANU-PF militants, got out of a pick-up truck and initiated violence on the sidelines of the rally, noted the photographer, claiming that an elderly gentleman had his leg broken in a stampede.


Footage circulating on social media showed them throwing rocks at the crowd. Witnesses also said they used iron bars and machetes to attack CCC members.


The clashes continued, forcing Chamisa to interrupt his speech, a month before by-elections perceived as a test poll ahead of next year’s general elections.