Multiple sources have revealed that a female informer who was working with 10 South African robbers, that were gunned down in Botswana yesterday, gave up their location to police.

The  young woman, whose pictures have been widely circulated on social media, has not been named.

The picture of the woman is circulating together with pictures of the killed robbers.

According to the sources, the woman was in touch with the robbers and gave them inside information about the movement of cash from Main Mall in Gaborone.

After they robbed a cash van of P960 000, the woman then turned around and gave up their location to police.

It is not clear why the woman gave up the location of the robbers to the police.

The standoff between the robbers and the police lasted for over four hours before police issued a statement that the robbers had all been killed.

Gunshot wounds on the dead robbers seen by Gambakwe Media show that most of them were shot from close range, with at least two of them shot through the feet.

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