Willard Katsande celebrates his son’s 23rd birthday

Superstar Willard Katsande is celebrating his sister’s son Kelvin Katsande’s 23rr birthday today.

Katsande wished his nephew a happy birthday on social media.

Katsande’s sister gave birth to her son when he was 13. The father rejected his sister and refused responsibility for the pregnancy.

“He is the one who made me have purpose in life. Why? He made me leave junior football to go play with older people so that I could get a source of income to look after him. That made me strong, that made me who I am today.”, said Katsande

Kelvin was born in 1999. Just like his uncle, Kelvin is also making name for himself but in a different career field.

Kelvin’s LinkedIn profile says he is a mining manager at Mora mining and exploration in Harare.