Khupe blasts Mudenda for siding with Mwonzora in recalling her

MDC T leader Thokozani Khupe has accussed Douglas Mwonzora of illegally recalling her from parliament .

Addressing a press conference today, Khupe said she was recalled from parliament through fedex.

Khupe said Jacob Mudenda has no right to favour Mwonzora. She is vowing to block Mwonzora from getting the ZW$149m in taxpayer funding.

“I am going to fight against discrimination, against women with the last drop of my blood”, said Khupe.

Khupe argues that Mwonzora automatically expelled himself from MDC-T after he claimed leadership of the MDC-Alliance and has no right to exclusively receive the ZW$149m allocated to the MDC under the Political Parties (Finance) Act.

“I don’t know how a president of the MDC Alliance can recall a member of another political party”.

Both Khupe and Mwonzora wrote to the speaker on 24 January, with each of them claiming to be the legitimate leader of the troubled MDC-T.

“Women have to rise and this far, it’s enough and no more. I am being suffocated and I can’t breath,”

Khupe added that she has written to the UN, protesting this blatant sexism.