Ex Girlfriend from hell torments Lee Ann Benard

Lee Ann and Lincoln are happy together

Former ZBC news presenter, Lee Ann Bernard, is caught in the cross fire after Tracy Konyana, the ex-girlfriend of her new boyfriend, Lincoln Banyure went public claiming that she is married to him.

The drama started when Lee-ann innocently revealed that Banyure is her new boyfriend on twitter.

According to Gambakwe Media sources, When Tracy saw the post, she then created a ghost account and started stalking Lee-Ann.

After an exchange of messages, Tracy told Lee-Ann that she was married to Banyure and had a three week old baby with him, something that Banyure denied.

Banyure, who was with Lee-Ann at the time, had a three way call with both women, during which the issue was discussed and concluded.

According to the source, Tracy and Banyure broke up after she started cheating with a workmate at her old employer, Sign Edition.

Lincoln and Tracy broke up after he stumbled on her affair with a workmate

New Baby

While Tracy registered Banyure as the father of baby Skye Tariro, he has denied paternity and the pair are due to go for a DNA test. The baby was born on 7 December 2021 at South Rand Hospital.

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