Zimbabwean Thandiwe Matikiti banned from being a nurse in the UK

A UK based Zimbabwean woman, Thandiwe Nomusa Matikiti, has been banned from practicing as a carer in the UK after being found guilty in a disciplinary hearing by the Scotish Social Services Council (SSSC).

You can read the full decision of the disciplinary hearing by clicking on the document below.

OD Notice of Decision Style Thandiwe Matikiti

Thandiwe served a 14 months jail sentence in 2019, when she was found guilty of submitting fake documents to the Student Award Agency Scotland (SAAS). At the time, Thandiwe was granted 23 000 pounds which she used to study for her nursing qualification at Stirling University.

A week before her release from prison, she successfully challenged her imprisonment and her sentence was quashed.


In December, Thandiwe was struck off from working in any care home by the SSSC following a disciplinary hearing.

Thandiwe was found guilty of dishonesty as she had not revealed that she had a previous conviction and  jail term.

A search of the SSSC register shows that Thandiwe was removed on the 22nd of December 2021.