Greatman and his family visit Mai Titi for wedding preparations

Musician Greatman and his family visited Mai Titi at her house yesterday for wedding preparations.

Posting on social media, Mai Titi said Greatman invited her to his upcoming wedding in February.

Mai Titi urged well wishers to assist Greatman and his wife Silibaziso in making up the wedding a success as they are facing difficulties.

The commedian revealed that she might not be available at the wedding but will assist in whichever way possible.

“So Greatman and his wife paid me a visit today inviting me to their wedding in February.
Makorokoto makuru nothing is impossible with God though they told me they are facing challenges meeting up everything needed on the wedding therefore they seek for assistance from well wishers.
I told them I also got a wedding coming up and I’m equally stressed but will try to put my hand on theirs.
So I’m appealing to you my fans if you wish this couple well and you want to assist God will bless you.
Some service providers are providing but they were saying mota dzevachati hapana, chimwe chikafu asi venue nezvipfeko zvavepo.
So if you wish to assist zuva ravo ribudirire get in touch with his Management on +263774070242”