Gospel musician Modiwa Hood has revealed that his 14 year old niece bought him the fake Air Jordan cap.

This comes after Simba Chikanza of Zimeye accused the celebrity of putting on a ‘fake’ Air Jordan cap.

Simba said: “Jordan-ball hand is on the opposite direction, and yes it could be because it’s a selfie pic, but the singer’s Jordan has a big like bootie, fans charged| IS IT FAKE IN YOUR VIEW?”

Posting on social media, Mudiwa said Simba should grow up and focus on real issues out there.

” It is sad that @ZimEye waits for anything to attack me… An original Air Jordan cap only costs $35, the one i am wearing was bought months ago by my 14 year old niece thats why i love it. I knew it is not original but it means a lot to me, i doubt at 14, being a girl she could tell the difference.”

The singer who is set to open his luxury boutique soon promised to sell original staff with good quality in his shop.

“Zim Eye, talking of original my shop will be selling original. You can as well look for it and post it, it was worth news not a cap…Simba grow up!…Not to jus wait for anything to attack me with grow up simba and crew…its sad 😞!!”