Pretoria US Embassy spying on the ANC – Intelligence report

The Daily News reports that a highly classified intelligence report by the South African State Security Agency (SASSA) has fingered the US Embassy in Pretoria for being part of a wide ranging spying operation against the ANC.

The report was issued by SASSA to the Deputy Minister of State Security and warned that the embassy ‘is part of the US intelligence community and has a network of party officials who, wittingtly or unwittingly, share privileged information.’ 

SASSA warned that this was being done either to influence policy direction in SA or determine how to subvert it.

The Daily news will be publishing part  1 of the report titled – Intelligence Brief: US Interest in ANC party dynamics‘ which is dated 5 November 2020 with reference DMS: 10001242724.

Please read the full story in today’s Saturday Star – 23 December 2023.