Ramaphosa is wrong about Zimbabwe Exemption Permits – ADV Simba Chitando

Advocate Simba Chitando, who is representing over 250 000 Zimbabweans whose ZEP permits are expiring on 31 December has cleared the air on why the South African government took the wrong decision when they decided not to renew the permits.

Speaking ENCA, Advocate Chitando said the South African government can not legally require Zimbabweans to apply for other classes of permits because they all qualify for permanent residency.

He said according to the immigration laws of South Africa, a person who has been legally in South Africa qualifies for permanent residence and the South African government should have simply granted this to all Zimbabweans on ZEP.

Adv Chitando said he is confident that the Zimbabweans will win in court as they have a strong case.

He said not all people on ZEP are maids and gardeners as some of his clients are multi millionaires and businessmen.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.