Tsitsi Dangarembga slams Winky D for featuring white girls In ‘Happy Again’

Multi award winning writer and film director Tsitsi Dangarembga has weighed in on cultural appropriation in Winky Ds new video, ‘Happy Again’.

The author of “Nervous Conditions” suggested that Winky D has “white girl fixation” following the release of his latest song “Happy Again.”

‘Happy Again’ is a concept film that depicts a story of a princess in love with one of the public citizens within her father’s kingdom.

‘Just had a look at Wink D’s “Happy Again”. While I love Winky D’s music and his charisma, in my opinion, the white girl fixation is becoming problematic…’

One of her followers asked what was the problematic error of the “white girl fixation‘ in the video. She added,

“Problematic in that it casts white women as more desirable than black women, which is one of the ways white supremacy has worked to make us at ourselves…”