Prophecy: A New Season in Zimbabwe

Prominent Zimbabwean prophet, Dr Ian Ndlovu says God is going to bless Zimbabwe very soon.


In a video circulating widely on social media, the self proclaimed prophet claimed that he had been instructed by God to declare a new season.


“I have been sent by God to declare a new season. Don’t try to figure out that how the new season will come out, just believe God has sent me to declare the new season,” he said.


“The Holy Spirit told me to tell those doing businesses and politicians that it’s a new season,” he added.



He also confirmed that politicians will run to the churches soon.


“If they want to survive they will run to the churches. Churches will govern the country soon,” said Dr Ian Ndlovu.


Ndlovu is popularly known for his prophecies that usually come true.


He recently prophesied that there will be tragedy in USA. His prophecy came true after eight people died and hundreds got injured during the Travis Scott concert.