Doves Digs Up Maxwell Chimwamurombe’s Grave

Doves funeral Services has finally agreed to re-bury the remains of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe following the alleged improper burial of the deceased.

This comes after the body was collected by Doves from Parirenyatwa Hospital, but there was confusion which resulted in morticians putting an empty body bag in his coffin before it was carried to Nyanga for burial.

Maxwell’s body was reportedly mixed with that of a pauper, one Ngoni Rwizi whose body came from an old people’s home and was buried at Granville cemetery (Ku Mbudzi).

An audio recording, in which a man who claims to be the whistle-blower in Doves Funeral Services (DFS) burial mix-up saga, was leaked exposing an alleged ongoing rot at the funeral parlour.

The employee only identified as William said his life is in danger after exposing the scandal.