A petition for the return of over 2600 artefacts and skulls has been handed to the British Embassy this afternoon (4 Nov 2021).

Representatives of the campaign, #BringBackOurBones, told Gambakwe Media that the petition is directed to Queen Elizabeth.

Please click the link below to scroll through the petition document.

BringBackOurBones Campaign

Ishmael Kauzani said the group has been instructed ny spiritual mediums to jand ove the petition.

Vusi Nyamazane said the British must return the skulls that were taken illegally to the UK to allow traditional processes to be done by the family.

He said the removal of the skulls is a human rights violation and the skulls should be returned without delay.

Yeukai Chirunga said the spirit mediums instructed that the British should be given seven days to respond,  after which demonstrations should be held at all UK embassies across the world.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.