John Wick kills over 20 gangsters in South Africa

A mysterious figure who drives a silver Mercedes Benz is wrecking havoc in the Suburb of Mamelodi, South Africa, where he has killed at least 20 gang members over the past few weeks.

The mysterious figure has been targeting members of theĀ  feared Boko Haram gang, whose leader Philip Given Mnguni (35), was killed in a hail of bullets this week.

Mnguni, who was on the police wanted list, was on the run before he was killed ,while driving on the N4 highway near Diamond Hill toll plaza with his girlfriend.

His girlfriend was not killed and is still in hospital.

The car of, Phillip Given Mnguni, ‘Nkunzi’, after he was killed by John Wick

Residents Mamelodi have been celebrating on social media after the killing of the 20 gang members.

The Boko Haram gang is known for violent killings and extortion of money from foreign owned businesses.

Another Boko Haram gang member was killed by John Wick

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