Watch: A Parable of Zimbabwe by Dr Ian Ndlovu

The founder and leader of Divine Kingdom Ministries, Dr Ian Ndlovu has finally revealed a parable for Zimbabwe.

In a video circulating on social media, Ndlovu said the Lord says those who are wise learn from the past especially the past of others not their past.

“A wise fish always moves with the waters of the river. It does not remain where the waters are no longer there. A wise fish will never outmaneuver the waters that brought it and natured it into a certain river,” he said.

“We need to pray because those ought to listen to the Lord are not doing so because there are people who are close to them, who pretend to speak to God whilst they do it for their stomachs,” he added.

He further went on that there are Prophets who counter the messages of God and distribute what is not right.