Mashonaland East based music superstar,  Paradzayi Mesi, has denied that he has 10 wives.

Speaking to Drewmas Media, the Tese tiri huruva hit maker said he in fact has only one wife and two baby mamas.

Mesi said he has 7 children with his first wife and 2 children each with his other two mamas.

Mesi said two of his sons and one of his daughters are musicians.

Other key points from the discussion.

1. Mesi said he has never beaten up his mother. He said this was a cruel rumour.

2. Mesi said he indeed deinks alcohol like a fish, to the point of collapsing.

3. He said he does not have the number of Makina who split from.his group, Njerama boys.

4. Mesi said he is currently in the prcess of releasing his new album, Hove kurwara here kana kuti mvura kubvondoka.

5. Mesi said he has never been in Alick Macheso s band.

6. He said Tongai Moyo copied one of his beats, but he did not mind.

7. Mesi said in January 2020, he suffered from TB and was on medication for 6 months until August 2020.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.