WATCH: African Tigress finds out what Zimbabweans really think about Kenyans

Popular YouTuber, African Tigress, went onto the streets of Harare to find out what Zimbabweans think about Kenyans.

Key findings from the interviews

  1. Kenyans are good runners
  2. Kenyans have beautiful roads
  3. Kenya has tall, handsome men
  4. I worked in Kenya for a year, their ugali is too hard
  5. Kenyans are fun people, they are warm and welcoming
  6. There are many game parks in Kenya
  7. Kenya is in East Africa next to Uganda, Somalia and South Sudan
  8. My sister is actually in Kenya and I will be there in December
  9. Kenyan culture is like Zimbabwe culture
  10. There are a lot of cows in Kenya
  11. The Capital city of Kenya is Nairobi.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.