Cheating Masvingo woman refuses to take more DNA tests after she had second affair

Marriage of 13 years ends

A Mufakose father of four was left stunned after his wife of 13 years had an affair with a neighbor at his rural home in Masvingo during the lockdown.

He told Closure DNA that the matter was taken to the Chief’s court after the wife of the man she was having an affair with confronted his relatives with evidence of the affair.

Questions arose over the pregnancy that she had during the lockdown.

The man said after he heard the story,  he confronted his wife and she admitted to the affair. However,  neighbors told him that his second born was also not his child  but that of another man, his cousin who lived in the same village.

Given an opportunity to respond,  the wife said she only dated the man for a month. However,  she says she never slept with him.

She revealed that her husband never came to visit her at the rural home for long periods of time. She complained that when he visited , he was always tired and was not doing his duties in the bedroom.

The man admitted that at some point he had an affair with another woman and his wife came across a message from his girlfriend.


The DNA results showed that the man was the father of the last born child who was born during the lockdown,  but not that of the second born child.

The woman refused to take any further DNA tests to find out who was the real father of the 2nd born child.

The children in the family were born in 2010, 2016, 2019 and 2021.

The husband decided to end the marriage after the results of the DNA were revealed.

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