The man who is posting on the Kessy creations Facebook page has revealed himself after the Botswana public continued to demand answers about the alleged kidnapping of designer Kessy Legeru.

Writing on Facebook, the poster said:

Hello Kessy Creations clients.. Following what happened to Kessy being abducted, it was really a very barbaric act and we pray that whoever responsible is caught and put to justice..
We continue to pray for our sister, our daughter, our friend to heel and pass through this well.

The case is still under investigation by Mogoditshane Nkoyapiri police station.

I know the public has been asking many unanswered questions of who is posting on this page and who is in answering the Business Number.

Let me clear the air. I am *Joseph Kajoba*, business partner of KessyCreations.
I also want to apologize not coming out in the first post and introduce myself to you.

I have been working in the background on this page since the company begun. By the time this sad event occurred, I was the one with the business phone. That’s why most of you who called or still calling, would hear a male voice answering the phone.

Clients who had pending orders and those who want to book, our office is open. Feel free to visit

We will update you more about Kessy After the investigations are done.
Thanks very much,
Joseph Kajoba
#KessyCreations management

Kessy Legeru’s Facebook profile has been de activated since the strange kidnapping incident

Following the statement, members of the public were not convinced and accused Kajoba of being behind the tasteless publicly stunt and therefore damaging Kessy ‘s reputation.

Please watch the video of Kessy Legeru’ s alleged kidnapping by clicking here.