Botswana social media was left shocked this week after a video of Kessy Legeru, the owner of Kessy creations, was posted on the business Facebook page, with her hands tied up behind her back and her face appearing to be tied with a cloth.

Kessy did not speak in the short video and the following text was published shortly thereafter on her personal Facebook account.

The message was posted on Kessy creations’ Facebook page and started trending.

Many Batswana were left confused after the Kessy creations Facebook page later posted that Kessy had been found, but did not give details.

People started speculating that this was a prank or publicity stunt by Kessy to promote her business.

The view that Kessy staged the kidnapping became more widespread after a screenshot of Kessy ‘s last status was posted, appearing to show her complaining about the performance of her business.

Kessy’ s personal Facebook account now appears to have disappeared although the Kessy creations Facebook Page and Instagram account are still visible.

It is not clear who is now in control of the Kessy Creations Facebook page.

The Botswana Police service have not issued a statement on the matter.

Please watch the Kessy kidnapping video above this post.