Popular Zimbabwean comedian,  Madam Boss has been forced to eat humble pie over her comments about the late child bride, Memory Machaya.

Writing on Facebook,  Madam Boss said:

*****Once Again Am Sorry to all my fans and all the corporates that I represent *****

I’m a very peaceful person who mostly like to keep to myself and stick to what I know best , entertaining my fans even those that mock me.

I’ve been accused of many things and called different names but I have never cared because I know myself, I’m a mother and also a women and my heart bleeds each time I see a women or a girl child suffer.

That’s why I always post any issues concerning abuse of a girl child .

I chose not keep quiet on this occasion because the Marange shrine issue is one that has touched my heart and I’m pained that my live video a few days ago was taken out of context.

However I’m here today apologizing to each and everyone that was offended by that video and also to say I’m personally against child marriages and strongly hope the culprits of the Marange shrine be brought to book.