In this bizarre incident reported by Drewmas Media, a woman is said to have been taken by Mermaids at Lake Chivero  this week, after experiencing a strange incident that involved 4 eagles.

Locals now believe that the woman was taken by mermaids as she has not been seen again.

The woman was chanting religious words for hours and attracted many onlookers.

Onlookers said the woman would disappear for over 20 minutes into the water and reappear, before she eventually went under the water not to be seen again.

The unknown woman is said to have called out to the Hungwe bird to help her. The Four birds are said to have came and started circling her while a strong whirlwind appeared nearby.

The woman shouted to the onlookers to look after her child Anesu before disappearing into the water, never to be seen again.

The onlookers suspect that the woman was taken by Mermaids. However, the fishermen in the area believe the woman drowned and they can retrieve her body.

The fisherman the police sub aqaua unit refused to go into the water because it is sewage water and there are crocodiles.

The fisherman said Lake Chivero is scared and many people have drowned. He said there was an old woman who used to perform rituals in the lake, however, she had stopped, resulting in many deaths.

Residents in the area said there is a crocodile farm up river and there are vicious crocodiles which have eaten many people.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.