Stunner is using Olinda’ s money says Tatelicious

Controversial socialite Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg claims that hip hop rapper Stunner is using Olinda’s money to take care of his family.

In efforts to attack Olinda Chapel during her Facebook live, the live twisted to be Stunner’s after she called him and he responded in a harsh way warning Tatelicious not to talk about his past with Olinda.

Tatelicious  didn’t like Stunner’s response and she started attacking him calling him a broke forty-one year old teenager.

However, the two made peace and forgave each other  which then led to Tatelicious apologising to Stunner.

The  Queen of Facebook Lives then shifted her focus to Olinda calling her fake and dissing her body.

Outspoken Olinda commented during the live dissing Tatelicious which led Tatelicious to block her.

Below are Olinda Chapel comments during Tatelicious’ Facebook live: