Popular socialite and Zimbabwe celebrity, Tinopona Katsande has revealed that her family is engaged in a vicious fight over her late father’s estate.

Writing on Facebook, Tinopona said :

My father passed earlier on this year. I’m still grappling with the whole ordeal of my father “being sick “, the circumstances surrounding his death , the burial , the aftermath of that funeral and the family division it ripple effected but worse of it all is now the estate wars . It is public knowledge that the woman my father left behind as his surviving spouse and us the children of The late great Samson Mapereke Katsande #chiefnyamukoho are not in the same boat. ( something I chose to ignore for the longest time ESPECIALLY when dad was alive ) BUT True colors are blaring now and the truth cannot be avoided any longer.

DEMENTIA is a disease that is greatly mystified and misunderstood in Zimbabwe, especially in our Shona African culture.
Today I will do a live on this platform , NOT ABOUT EXPOSING anyone persay ( Mwari ndibatsireyi) but about the journey I traveled from the time baba was declared to have #dementia , things I learnt of this condition, things I pray and hope will NEVER happen to your father or mother because of ignorance or just sheer cruelty.

It is MY story MY journey therefore MY narrative. I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED OR SILENCED and I pray as always that tino wonesana so as to PROTECT our parents and safe guard THEIR interests should you find yourselves in such a terrible situation / predicament

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