Hopewell Chinono Reveals how he was Protected From Food Poisoning in Prison

Independent journalist Hopewell Chinono has revealed how two MDC activists protected him and Job Sikhala from food poisoning when they were in Chirukubi Prison.

Chinono revealed that Last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere kept an eye on people who were a danger to him and Sikhala.

“I mentioned how Last and Tunga protected Job and myself in prison, and many of you asked;
“From what?”

In prison there was a real danger of our food being poisoned, or spies being send to befriend us.

They kept an eye on all that because they knew the characters, and the moles,” tweeted Chinono.

Yesterday the activists who were acquitted by the Supreme Court after spending 8 years in prison visited Chinono.

Meanwhile, Job Sikhala also praised the duo for protecting him from being harrassed at Chikurubi Prison.