Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that the marriage between popular dancer, Beverly Sibanda, and her UK based husband, Mufudzi Chambuka, is over.

The source, who is close to the two, revealed that Chambuka has been cheating with multiple women in South Africa and Zimbabwe and was fired from the Zimbabwe People ‘s Party after bedding party members in South Africa.

This resulted in the party withdrawing support for Chambuka who was their candidate for councillor in the upcoming Harare Central by elections.

Beverly appeared to confirm the rumor after she posted on Facebook, before she deleted:

Munhu anokuwana uchizvihurira okuroora otanga kukuhurira zvakasimba obva akatokanganwa kuti une chipo chawakagarira. 

In the post, Beverly warned Chambuka that she has a masters degree in cheating.

She later retracted the statement after intervention by close friends and relatives.

Please watch the video below where Mufudzi Chambuka announced his Candidature for the Harare Central councillor by elections.

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