Daisy Handfield an actress in the BJB films project revealed that after Mai Tt left the cast everything was chaotic and they had to take a break from filming.

In a series of interviews with Ingoda Tv, Daisy Handfield confirmed that everyone was in shock after what Mai Tt did which then created chaos but later on stabilised.
“To be honest everyone was in shock, because we all came here to work. I wasn’t expecting all this drama.
“Everything is calm now, and I am still in Tanzania.”
She clarified that she was benefitting financially.
“Yes ofcourse, a contract was signed, its not like I have free time to work for  free. There is money involved.
Daisy also clarified that she was not sexually harassed.
“I wouldn’t be here if any sort of sexual exploitation was taking place and I wouldn’t be working with a production which violates women because I stand for women.
“I don’t want to go deeper into her behaviour and all, we all the kind of person she is.

“Some of the things said were lies”

However, she revealed that she didn’t have anything against Mai Tt.